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Internet and WiFi

  • Redundant Internet channels (2 independent Internet Service Providers)

  • High performance, AC-standard WiFi

  • Cloud-based management and monitoring (web-access + mobile app)

Such setup unifies WiFi services among all our locations. Our guests receives same, premium user experience wherever they stay, once configured, WiFi settings will work transparently at all our venues.

The solution is based on professional Ubiquiti UniFi hardware and software: Amazon-based UniFi controller, fully managed Unified Security Gateway, high performance Access Points

The solution is based on a new generation of wireless security systems:

Wireless detectors protect apartments from water leaks, smoke, fire, dangerous level of CO, unauthorized door opening, penetration, glass breaks, etc.

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  • IoT, cloud-based security solution

  • wireless detectors 

  • backup connectivity via 2g

  • embedded backup power supply

  • encrypted channel, anti-jam technology

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