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We provide quiet, convenient, smart environment for you to stay, work and relax. A perfect option for progressive people!

we host

with respect to your privacy, we offer inexpensive and stylish apartments not so far from popular business centers. All rooms are equipped with air ventilation and/or conditioner system,  enterprise-grade Internet and WiFi, personal safe and mini bar


we entertain

large flat screens, rich streaming video content, interesting books, here you can find everything needed to have a good rest after busy day​

we are club

you won't see occasional people here, all our guests are members of the

'My Smart Apartments club'

so they are either your friends or friends of your friends :)

  • Facebook - Black Circle

we are secure

our apartments are protected with using modern IoT, cloud-based security system that monitors all the parameters incl. fire, flood, penetration

we are digital

we use specialized cloud services to monitor Internet, WiFi services and security areas 24*7

...and yes, if you value technologies, probably MySmartApartments is a right choice for you ;) ...

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